What do you like about living in Sinfin?

  • For me, although we are in Derby, a city with all its amenities, I love the feeling that we are on the edge of it, able to walk into the countryside within a few minutes of leaving home. Sinfin Moor Park and Local Nature Reserve is one of the best kept secrets in Sinfin – green space with a variety of natural features, including meadows, ponds and woodland. The Friends of the Park and Nature Reserve really enjoy being out there but we want others to discover this area – we never cease to be amazed at the number of people who say they have never visited it before. If you go on to Sinfin Moor Park (down Sinfin Lane past the side of Redwood Primary School and turn left; it is often referred to as Redwood Park), then walk beyond the football fields, you will be on part of the Nature Reserve, where you will find ponds and meadows. Many of these ponds were dug by hand during projects organised by the Friends group, others were dug in the early part of 2011 by digger, all with the intention of going some way towards restoring the land to its former wetland habitat. Other parts of the Nature Reserve can be accessed on the right hand side of the Lane, where you will find more ponds, meadow, scrub and woodland habitats.

    We hope you will use this website to discover more about the lovely countryside area that borders Sinfin, on the southern edge of the City, and that you will not only visit the website but come and visit the site of the Local Nature Reserve itself. We look forward to seeing you.



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